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We’re trying something a bit different this update, but just posting this video in the actual post instead of linking them.  The other gay creeps videos we display are where you can download them, but it takes you to another page to watch them, which can sometimes be a hassle.  We’re going to try this embedded flash video this week to see how it does.  Be sure to let us know which option you like better.  And if you like these type of flash videos, remember that you can watch samples from every Gay Creeps update on the main page.

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Yes, I am still having trouble coming up with catchy titles for these posts.  But you already know what they are about, so it doesn’t matter.  Well, it does matter for search engines, so I guess thats why it might look pretty generic.  But I want you to be able to find these hot videos, which if you’re reading this, you did.  Anyway, here we have a couple more young studs who are going to be stars in this video.  One is gay, and the other isn’t.  See if you can guess which one gets “creeped” out.  :-)

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