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Whos ready for another hot Gay Creeps videos update?  If its you, then this is for you.  And if its not you, then this update isn’t for you, but you can still enjoy it anyway.  :-)  This video update features a hot hung stud sleeping, when his gay roommate comes in horny after taking a jog.  You know when you go jogging you see all kinds of hot bodied guys running around in tight shorts, and that makes your dick hard.  At least it does mine.  And jerking off on your own can only relieve so much tension, sometimes you need to fondle your sleeping roommate, even if he isn’t gay.  Of course, the gay creeps videos we feature usually feature a non gay roommate, but that only lasts so long.  Hey, sometimes if theres no girls around you have to let your roommate suck your cock, thats just the way it is.  And cock sucking usually leads to anal sex, but whatever!  Anyway, check out these hot gay creeps videos, it features a couple hot studs going at it.  You have to love how the big dicks are going to town in this update.

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